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How to turn a THC strain into a CBD strain

As the CBD industry continues to surge, that market becomes more independent from the traditional (THC) cannabis industry. Companies are constantly looking for ways to bridge the gap between the classic consumer and the future way of weed.

One way is by putting a new age spin on a classic product. Lately, growers have been turning THC-dominant strains into a CBD-dominant or balanced strain.

Industry evolution

When the legal cannabis industry was first born in 2014, the market was all about THC products and seeking the most powerful high possible. That’s why there was so much emphasis on THC percentage, because consumers believed the higher that number, the better the high, though that is not necessarily true. Cannabis producers placed little-to-no focus on breeding, growing, or even researching CBD strains and genetics.

This has changed over time as the industry expands. Nowadays, the CBD market is such an unstoppable force that companies who reigned supreme in the THC game are looking for ways to convert.

Enter: THC-turned-CBD strains.


By now you should know the difference between THC and CBD: THC will get you high, CBD will not. THC is viewed as the recreational weed and CBD is viewed as the medical weed, though both compounds certainly provide their own respective wellness benefits. With CBD, many people believe it to be the best treatment for various psychological and physical ailments.

Types of CBD cannabis strains

CBD cannabis comes in two forms: CBD-dominant and balanced. CBD-dominant strains contain CBD:THC ratios of 5:1 or more. With these, out of all the plant’s cannabinoids, CBD is the most pronounced, meaning effects will be more influenced by CBD than the other cannabinoids. ACDC, with its 14:1 CBD:THC ratio, is an example of a CBD-dominant cannabis strain.

Balanced cannabis strains hold a CBD:THC ratio between 1:1 and 5:1. This means you may still feel some degree of high as effects will be intensified by THC’s influence, but it should be wayyy less of a powerful high than a THC-dominant strain. Harlequin, with an average CBD:THC ratio of 2:1, is an example of a balanced cannabis strain.

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